[Korean History] In 2005, science world’s biggest scandal unravels in Seoul송영길 “비례정당 출마 검토”…조국과 연대 가능성도 시사S. Korea, US, Japan reaffirm cooperationContainer shipping costs for US west coast rise 7 pct in October[KH explains] Chinese battery makers gobbling up Korean rivals’ European market shareYoon says short selling ban necessary to protect retail investors[Today’s KProduction teams called out for carelessnessGoogle offers data residency for Korean corporate clientsN. Korea tests newly developed solid KT, Hyundai E&C, Saudi’s STC team up for digital infrastructure Drugs smuggled in through Incheon Airport surge since pandemic: lawmaker [Today’s K Exhibition at holy site highlights Catholic presence in Korea 공군 수송기 급파, 한·일 220명 텔아비브 탈출 Unification minister meets US civic group head to discuss NK human rights [Korea Beyond Korea] Berlin, Europe's Korean Studies hub, nurtures next Seoul shares down for 3rd day amid geopolitical tension, high US bond yields Mirae Asset seeks generational change in leadership reshuffle Drug crimes in Seoul most common in Itaewon, Gangnam, Hongdae: study US missionary descendant picked to rescue troubled ruling party [New on scene] Lee Jun 軍 "北, 하마스식 대남공격 가능성"…증거로 나온 '방 EU preparing UN draft resolution on NK human rights Over 40% of manufacturers say they need more foreign workers Seventeen 1st male group this year to top Melon Top 100 Samsung, Hyundai ink first EV battery deal Coway ramps up environmental protection Seoul shares open higher as US Treasury yields slide S. Korea's rising problem: unemployed youth giving up on job searching